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WhatsApp Pay FAQs: Complete Guide About WhatsApp payment system

Finally, WhatsApp Pay is launched in India. Recently, the company has announced this particular feature in India via the Twitter Platform. As with other UPI-based payment apps like PhonePe, Paytm, Google Pay, and others, WhatsApp Pay will join the list. 

WhatsApp has collaborated with NPCI and ICICI bank to launch its payment feature, making the UPI payment system come into play with almost 160 banks, including the leading ones like Axis Bank, SBI, etc. In India, people have the leverage to receive or send money using the UPI mode, and this all will be possible with just a click on WhatsApp. 

Let us talk about some of the common FAQs related to WhatsApp Pay or WhatsApp Payment

Q: Is WhatsApp payment available in India?

A: Yes, on November 6, WhatsApp has finally rolled out its payment feature for Indian users. However, the process still requires some time to make it available to everyone. 

Q: How to setup WhatsApp Payment?
How to setup WhatsApp Payment, WhatsApp Pay India
How to setup WhatsApp Payment

A: Setting up WhatsApp payment is a simple process. Launch WhatsApp and click on the three dots displayed on the top right corner and then select the payment option. Now select ‘Add Payment Method’ and link your bank account. Now, you are free to accept and receive money using WhatsApp. 

Q: How to activate WhatsApp payment?

A: WhatsApp payment can be activated on your mobile by adding your bank account to activate your UPI ID with a registered mobile number. 

Q: How to send money on WhatsApp?
How to send money on WhatsApp, WhatsApp Payment,  WhatsApp Pay India
How to send money on WhatsApp

A: To send the money, open the person’s chat to who you wish to send the money and click on the attachment icon. Now select the payment option. Verify your details like Debit card, UPI pin, and it’s done. Your money is now sent to the other person. 

Q: How to use WhatsApp pay in India? 

A: To make the use of WhatsApp Pay in India, update your WhatsApp to the latest version. Also, you need to check whether your device supports the latest version or not. You can now use the steps mentioned above to activate WhatsApp Pay by adding a bank account. 

Q: How to receive money on WhatsApp?
How to receive money on WhatsApp, WhatsApp Payment, WhatsApp Pay India
How to receive money on WhatsApp

A: Initially, you to get your app updated to get the feature of WhatsApp Pay. Now, add your bank account. Congrats, you are ready to receive payment. 

Also, you may follow the same steps for receiving money as sending money to anyone. One can scan the QR code with someone who wants to send you money. 

Q: I can use WhatsApp for sending money to whom?
Whom can I send money to on WhatsApp, WhatsApp Payment, WhatsApp Pay
Whom can I send money to on WhatsApp?

A: You can send money to someone who has upgraded their WhatsApp to the latest feature and added their bank account to it. 

Q: Is a bank account required to send money on WhatsApp?

A: Yes, an individual requires a bank account, a debit card to set up a UPI ID on WhatsApp for using WhatsApp Pay. 

Q: How to add a Bank account on WhatsApp?
How to add a Bank account on WhatsApp, WhatsApp Payment, WhatsApp Pay India
How to add a Bank account on WhatsApp

A: Click on the three dots. Choose the menu option, click special payments, and on the next page, choose your bank from the whole list of partner banks and wait for the verification process with your registered mobile number. Now, click on done, and you are good to go with your first payment. 

Safety issues:- 

Q: Is WhatsApp payment safe?

A: Yes, WhatsApp keeps proper track of user data, and therefore payments through WhatsApp are entirely safe. Additionally, some highly sensitive data like UPI PIN or Debit card details are not stored.

Q: What if someone hasn’t received the WhatsApp payment you sent?

A: In such a case, it might take around four business days to get processed. However, you still have the option to contact WhatsApp support to confirm the status of your payment.

I think that I have covered almost everything. if you’ve got any doubts or queries feel free to let me know in the comment section.

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