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TOP 10 WhatsApp Games for Friends and Family, Whatsapp Games For Couples,Dares for WhatsApp

During the lockdown, if you are bored with video calling and chatting on whatsapp with your kith and kin then we have bought a special thing for you. Well gaming is the best way to stay connected with each other during the lockdown.

However, everyone is not able to play game like PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty Mobile. Therefore, we are here with some of the popular games that are simple to understand, fun and can be played over text with friends and family on WhatsApp

These games on WhatsApp will keep people engage and may offer a break from the conversations that are happening on coronavirus. In addition, it will also help you keep to stay connected with friend and family and all of them can have fun time together playing these games.

Here are the 7 games to play on WhatsApp group. So let’s have a quick look on these WhatsApp games

1. Text Antakshri

Antakshari is one of the popular game played among the friends and family.Now one can play this game on WhatsApp too.However, the Text Antakshri is on WhatsApp is slightly different .Here you have to write the lyrics instead of singing it. But, WhatsApp has an option to record and send voice notes so people may use that as well instead of writing the lyrics.

To begin this game, one of your friend will sing a song, and others have to continue with the another song using the last letter from the previous lyrics.Those who were shy can also take part in this game. Moreover, it will also help people to expand their music playlist.

2. Storyline or Once upon a time…

This game is quit interesting. In this game, up one person from the grohave to write Once upon a time in your group and other group  members have to add an interesting story next to it in 15 seconds.Well, it may be more interesting if you play this game with your college or school friends who knows all your secret stories.

3. Guess the word game

This is very interesting  game in which you have to write a word in your WhatsApp group with a small hint. After that, other group members are supposed to guess the correct word.

4. Guess the Movie/Song

Well, you might have come across with several WhatsApp forwards asking you to guess the name of movie through the given set of  emojis. This game is all about that only.In this game one member of the group will choose a movie or song and use his/her imagination and creativity to puzzle that movie into the emojis.After that, other group members has to guess it correctly.

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5. Kiss, Marry , Kill

It is an another exciting WhatsApp game to play with friends and family, especially with the close ones.In this game, you can ask the other players to categorize three option based on who they would like to marry, kiss or kill.

These option can be anything such as celebrities,athletes, cricket players or even the group members.Play this game with your creative mind , add twists and dig your friend’s love  and interests.

6. 20 Questions

If you are a kid of 90’s, then you must have played this game.In this game, you have to ask 20 question to your group members and whichever group member answers the question correctly will be the winner.

The rule is quit simple.It is turn based game and the group member need to think or choose an object. For example, Table. Now, other group members have to guess the object by asking question in Yes/No pattern. This asking question will continue with 20 questions limit or until the members figure out object’s name.

 7. Truth and Dare

This game is the most interesting one and playing this game on WhatsApp can be a fun experience. Well, one can play this game either in groups or individually with a person, say your girl friend.

In this game you have prepare a list of questions you always wanted to ask them, but don’t go too far, be in limit. In addition to that, you can also give a dares, but in dares you will requires photographic proof to complete the given dares.

Final Words

So try to play this amazing games on WhatsApp with your friends and family.Comment your favorite game that you liked and would love to play with loved ones.

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