OnePlus 8 Series will come with 5G support, the company has invested 30 million US dollars in this area
OnePlus 8 5G
OnePlus 8 Series will come with 5G support, the company has invested 30 million US dollars in this area

New Delhi, There are a lot of smartphone brands in the market, but in recent years, if a brand has won the trust of its users in the premium segment, it is OnePlus. It is a brand that is known for making good quality smartphones among the users. Every year through research and innovation, the OnePlus brand has given something new to its Indian users. This year i.e. 2020, Indian users are going to get something new. Let us know that all the phones of OnePlus 8 series will now come with 5G support. We are not saying this, but OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has said. “We have been investing in 5G for many years and we see it moving forward and we are very committed to it,” he said.

Let us know that the company launched its first 5G smartphone OnePlus 7 Pro in the UK in 2019. It was then launched in the USA and China. It is believed that the OnePlus 8 series will be launched in India by April this year. However, the company has not given any official information about it yet.

By the way, how much the company is ready for 5G, you can get an idea of ​​the investment made on it. Explain that the company is investing around US $ 30 million to increase 5G research and development. This figure shows OnePlus’s commitment to benefit 5G technology to more and more users worldwide.

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OnePlus started 5G research in early 2016. After this, the company did not look back. OnePlus expanded its plans to pursue 5G research and development. This allowed OnePlus users to enjoy fast and smooth experience on 5G.

According to Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus, “5G is a top priority in our product strategy. We have been investing in 5G for years, and we plan to carry on users’ daily usage habits like cloud gaming, cloud video and cloud storage services. ”

OnePlus’s focus has been that users get better experience of 5G technology on OnePlus devices. Explain that the scope of OnePlus 5G lab includes research and development in areas such as radio frequency (RF) circuits, antennasmond multi-media (camera, audio and display). They also conduct software research for Lab Communication Protocol, Throughput Optimization, Performance, Power, Stability and User Senreo Testing.

As such, the OnePlus company is also conducting 5G testing efforts at the R&D center in Hyderabad, India, which was established last year. OnePlus has confirmed that the next product series will include a full lineup of 5G devices, making OnePlus the leader to enter users in the 5G era.

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