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13 Best MIUI Hidden Settings

So MIUI has to be one of the most popular Android platforms out there and especially in India where Xiaomi is the leading smartphone brand it’s crazy popular.


Now we all know that MIUI has a lot of cool tricks but when we were using the poco x2 for a full review we found that there are several key settings that you should change right away to enhance your experience.

Now we will be telling you 13 MIUI setting you should change and at the end, we’ll be put down quickly a lot of other settings, so make sure to read the whole article till the very end.

How to Enable App Drawer in MIUI?

We know that Poco launcher has an app drawer but phones like the Redmi Note 8 Pro, Redmi note and a lot of other Redmi phones come with the stock MIUI launcher that does not have an app drawer.

So probably wondering how do you enable it when it’s not exactly there?

Well, the good news is MIUI launcher alpha build has an app drawer built-in.

So, what you can do is just install this build on your phone. When you have installed it you can enable the app drawer.


  1. Press and hold the home screen for a while
  2. After that, open the “Settings” menu
  3. Then, tap on “More”
  4. Then go to “Home Screen”
  5. And then finally, select “With App Drawer”

How to Enable App Drawer in MIUI

Oh, there’s one more feature in the home screen settings that you should probably enable.

The “blur app previews” basically browse on the app in the multitasking page so you can maybe blur out the Gallery so that when you hand over the phone to that creepy someone they don’t see anything from the recent screen.


  1. Press and hold the application that you want to blur in recent page
  2. go to “App Info”
  3. Then, scroll down to the bottom and just enable the toggle for “Blur app previews” and you are done

blur app previews

Likewise, you can do the same for all other application as well.

How to Disable Ads in MIUI Browser?

We all know about ads in MIUI and the fact that you can disable it but recently a tweet was going around that showed really weird ads in MIUI browser.

When we checked it out in the poco x2 and indeed the ads are really bad. We mean how could Xiaomi be okay with this.

So, if you use the MIUI browser and hate seeing those sleazy and inappropriate ads, you can turn it off.


  1. Just go to the browser settings
  2. And turn off the toggle for “Content feed”

How to Disable Ads in MIUI Browser

Now all the weird recommendation content is gone and the browser is clean and nice, and you can start using it.

How to Remove ads in MIUI?

  1. In the browser setting, go to the “Advanced” Menu
  2. And turn off the toggle for “Show ads”

How to Remove ads in MIUI

Well, we would suggest you use the “Chrome” browser for better security and, clean and an ad-free experience.

How to Enable MIUI 11 Font?

So we remember that when we first tried out MIUI 11 the latest update, we were impressed with the whole new refreshed UI, the revamped app, the animations but one thing that stood out for me was the new font.

So MIUI 11 had a brand-new font which looks very cool but this font was on the Chinese ROM of MIUI 11.

The MIUI 11 updated in India does not bring this font. So, you get the same font that you had with the older MIUI versions.

Well, the good news is the MIUI 11 font is available in the theme store.


  1. just go to themes app on your from the device.
  2. Now, go to the phones page and search for Milan pro
  3. Then, just apply this font, which will require a reboot.

But trust me the MIUI 11 native font just makes the UI look way more modern and just nice.

How to Disable Notification Shade on Lock Screen in MIUI?

Now on the privacy issue, we have noticed in Android is the fact that anyone can access that quick-setting from the lock screen and can go ahead and, put your phone into an aeroplane mode or turn off GPS even if your phone is locked.

This could be bad if your phone is stolen. But thankfully, there’s an option in MIUI 11 that fixes this.


  1. Open phone “setting”
  2. go to “Notifications”
  3. Then open Lock Screen Notification
  4. After that, disable the toggle “Open Notification shade on Lock screen”

How to Disable Notification Shade on Lock Screen in MIUI

Well, now no one can access the notification shade if your phone is locked.

How to Enable Emergency SOS in MIUI?

So emergency SOS 🆘 is an important setting in MIUI 11 that you’ve to change right away.

We mean this is a feature that’s going to be super useful in emergencies so check it out.

So this lets you send an SOS text message with your location and call history to your chosen emergency contact by just rapidly pressing the power button.

It’s very useful so you should enable it now.


  1. Open phone “setting”
  2. go to “Passwords and Security”
  3. And then, enable the toggle for “Emergency SOS” and add you emergency contacts and the “Call History” option

How to Enable Emergency SOS in MIUI

How to Set Countdown for DND and Silent Mode in MIUI?

So this is a super handy MIUI option that has been right in front of us but we’ve missed out.

We are talking about the ability to set a countdown for DND and silent mode. So when the scheduled time ends, Silent or DND mode will be disabled automatically.


  1. Press the Volume Button
  2. After that, Tap on the Three-dot menu
  3. Then, tap on “DND” or “Silent”
  4. Finally, Choose the countdown time

So, say you wanted to put my phone on silent for just around an hour. You can set this countdown to 1 hour and after this countdown runs out the silent mode will be turned off.

How to Enable Fingerprint Shortcuts in MIUI?

So, this MIUI sitting is exclusively for Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 pro users.

We are talking about the fingerprint shortcuts. So, what this feature does is that it lets you access some shortcuts by just long pressing the fingerprint scanner.

For instance, you can open a particular application like phone gallery or camera by long-pressing the fingerprint sensor.


  1. Open phone “setting”
  2. go to “Passwords and Security”
  3. Then tap on “Fingerprint unlock”
  4. And then go to “Shortcuts”
  5. Finally, enable the toggle for “Fingerprint Shortcuts”

How to Enable Fingerprint Shortcuts in MIUI

How to Quiet Ringer When Lifted in MIUI?

Well, this setting will just mute your full volume ringtone when you lift the phone to pick the call.


  1. Open “Phone 📱 App”
  2. Now, tap on the “Hamburger menu” at the left corner
  3. Go to “Settings”
  4. Then go to “Incoming call settings”
  5. And finally, enable the toggle for “Quiet ringer when lifted”

How to Quiet Ringer When Lifted in MIUI

How to Use Hidden Task Tool Box in MIUI?

It allows you to use “Task Toolbox” from any screen on your smartphone that is running MIUI.

User can access their reminders and pending task in just one swipe from any screen.


  1. First, Open the Notes app
  2. Then switch to the “Tasks” section
  3. Now, tap on the 3-dot menu
  4. Open “Settings”
  5. Finally, enable the toggle for “use Task Toolbox”

How to Use Hidden Task Tool Box in MIUI

How to Calculate Date, Difference and Age in MIUI?

Using this feature user can calculate the difference between two dates.

In addition to that users can also calculate their current age by just adding their date of birth.


  1. You can find this feature under the “Life” section in the calculator app

How to Calculate Date, Difference and Age in MIUI

How to Enable Sky Filters in MIUI? 

Users must try this feature in their Xiaomi devices.

If you have any photo that has sky than you can change the colour of the sky using various filters


  1. Open the Gallery app
  2. Choose your image
  3. After that, tap on the “Edit” icon on the bottom
  4. Then select “Filter”
  5. Here, tap on “Sky” (it will take some time to process)
  6. After that, a range of sky filters will be available
  7. Now in one tap, you can change the landscape of the picture

How to Enable Sky Filters in MIUI

How to Access MIUI’s Hidden Settings?

There are many MIUI hidden settings that the user can take advantage of.

MIUI developers have created an app know as Hidden settings. In this app, all the hidden settings are collected and combine so that users can access it directly.

You can access Hidden settings such as

  • Private DNS configuration page
  • app-info page with disable the option
  • Modem configuration
  • Hardware testing page, and more

How to Access MIUI’s Hidden Settings

So those are the 13 best MIUI settings that you must change right now on your Xiaomi phone.

I think that I have covered almost everything. If you’ve got any doubts or queries feel free to let me know in the comment section.

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I think you have learned something from this. I will reply with an explanation – whichever comment you post.

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