How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Android and iPhone, GBWhatsApp
How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Android and iPhone

Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Android and iPhone, GBWhatsApp


Now with the use of GBWhatsApp it’s easy to schedule WhatsApp messages with these easy steps and sent scheduled WhatsApp messages anytime automatically without even touching your aAdroid Phone or iPhone.

Well, there are thousands of instant messaging application availabe for both Android and iPhone. Out of all those application, WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging app in the world. It has more then 1 billion active users per month.

Comparing WhatsApp with other instant messaging apps, it provides users more features and better privacy options.

It is true that WhatsApp is not only famous for its text messaging features, but also known for its voice and video calling features.But the users of WhatsApp still criticize of not having the important feature like WhatsApp message scheduling.

Many times, users need to send a particular message to someone at a specific time. For instance, if you want to wish someone on his birthday or anniversary at 12 in the night but do not want to stay awake till then. In such situations, the users wishes if they had the feature to schedule WhatsApp message. If they have that option then it would be much easier to just write a message and schedule it so that it will be sent automatically to the receiver at a specific time.

However, the official WhatsApp application does not have any feature for message scheduling. But this guide will tell you how you can schedule WhatsApp message on Android as well as on iPhone. Well, there are several third party application availabe on Google play store and Apple app store that let’s you to schedule any message at given time and date.

LIst of application that are available on Android Phone

  • SKEDit Scheduling App
  • Schedular for WhatsApp
  • GBWhatsApp (Strongly recommended)

List of appliaction that are available on iPhone

  • Scheduled App
  • Jailbreak your iPhone

All the listed application allows users to schedule not only messages but also allow the users to schedule the photos and videos. These applications are simple to use and offer great features on their basic or free version.

However, to use some advance feature such as sending videos and photos, you might have to purchase the premium version on the application. All this application also works on non rooted Android Smartphone.

So here is our guide for you…

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How to schedule WhatsApp message on Android?


Well, GBWhatsApp is one of the most popular and common mod made for the WhatsApp. It provide many advance feature that are not availabe in the official appliaction. One best advantage of using this schedular app is that it works on non-rooted Android devices too.

Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Android and iPhone, GBWhatsApp

We strongly recommend GBWhatsApp because it comes with additional feature along with scheduling the WhatsApp messages. You can even run two WhatsApp accounts in one phone, hide your status for safety reasons, and you can also use special emojis that are not availabe in official WhatsApp appliaction. One can keep 35 character long WhatsApp group name using GBWhatsApp.

Here is the way how to use GBWhatsApp to schedule WhatsApp
  • First you have to download the GBWhatsApp apk and install it in your Android    smartphone.
  • After that, Open the GBWhatsApp and enter your mobile number that is have the active WhatsApp account.
  • Tap on the top right corner, to open the ‘Message scheduler’.
  • So to schedule message, you have to just select a contact from your contact list. After that type the message and then choose the time and date.

So this is the simple way by which you can schedule a message via GBWhatsApp
There are many other schedulers available online but we recommend GBWhatsApp as it comes with many other advance feature.

How to schedule WhatsApp message on iPhone?

Scheduled App

Well, the users of iPhone are much restricted to make major changes in the way they are using the OS. And due to these restriction it is quit difficult to schedule message on WhatsApp.

Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Android and iPhone, Scheduled-App

There are many paid schedulers in Apple App store that claims that it would schedule the message but in reality that just provide a reminder for you to send a message at a particular time.We are not recommending to squander your money on such application as it does not fulfill the actual requirement.

However, Scheduled App serves all our requirements.we would like to tell you that this application not only works with Works WhatsApp but also for Twitter, facebook, Telegram etc. This is the best application for social media influencer. It reduces your time and also increases your productivity.

Here is the way how to use Scheduled App to schedule WhatsApp
  • Download Scheduled App on iPhone from Apple App store.
  • Open the application and select the WhatsApp application
  • So to schedule a message, you have to just select a contact from your contact list. After that type the message and then choose the time and date.


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