How to Get Always on Display and Edge Lighting on Android Smartphones

How to Get Always on Display and Edge Lighting on Android Smartphones

Always on Display | Edge Lighting will provide you information about your notifications, clock, current weather, date, with edge lighting and much more on your screen without even touching your smartphone or tablet.

Nowadays there is a trend of Always-on Display. Many people want it on their smartphone. 

It is an amazing way to display some important information on the smartphone’s display such as a clock and you can even see the notification from the different application without waking up the smartphone.

Well, this technology of Always On Display (AOD) was first introduced by Nokia in 2009 and by 2013 it became the standard feature for most of the Nokia Lumia Windows Phones.

Later this feature was more widely available on flagship Android Phones and now this comes as a built-in feature in many devices.

The important requirement for AOD to work is the presence of AMOLED displays

As AMOLED displays consume less power, these displays are capable of showing the information on the lock screen. 

In addition to that, it not only consumes less power but looks better in the overall look and feel of the device.

Steps: How to Get Always on Display and Edge Lighting on Android Smartphones

  1. First, download the Always-on AMOLED app on your phone from Google Play Store. This app is free and works perfectly on any Android Smartphone having AMOLED display
  2. After downloading, launch the application and allow all the required permissionHow to Get Always on Display and Edge Lighting on Android Smartphones
  3. After that, you will see plenty of options on the screen. You have to just enable the toggle to Start the serviceHow to Get Always on Display and Edge Lighting on Android Smartphones
  4. Now you can select the clock style that you want from the Clock Style Section
  5. Finally, you can also preview the Always-on Display using the Preview button

In this free application, some features are locked and it also shows some ads. By paying only Rs 30 you can unlock those feature, which is a great deal for such an application. 

There is also an option for trying all the premium feature for 5 minutes before buying the application.

Awesome Features of Always on AMOLED app

  • Battery charging animation
  • Choose orientation type
  • Samsung Galaxy One UI 2.0 always-on display theme
  • Calendar view with events, and the ability to add your own notes
  • Root (Superuser) compatible with battery saver option
  • Edge Lighting with custom colours and styles
  • Fingerprint
  • Sms Reply
  • Tasker support
  • Samsung S10e, S10, S10+, and A9 Pro Notch Support
  • Off-screen sketch pad which allows you to take notes, and draw on the go
  • Compatible with all screens such as AMOLED, OLED, edge, and notched displays
  • Curved edge option for traditional square displays
  • View notifications with the badge count
  • Glance Display which activates the always-on display when you receive a notification
  • Time Rules which lets you set custom start and end time
  • Swipe-able notifications swipe left to dismiss, swipe right to hide
  • Clickable notification with action buttons
  • Many clock watch faces choosing from, such as Digital S9, S10, & Note 9
  • View current weather information with minimal display
  • Adjust screen brightness or alpha
  • HD Backgrounds & Wallpaper
  • launcher shortcuts such as calendar, flashlight, home button, camera, sketch pad
  • AOD is Fully customizable with many settings which allows you to set colours, icons, styles, fonts, text size, icon size
  • Automatic rules which preserve battery life using predefined settings
  • The auto movement which avoids AMOLED burn-in
  • The pocket model which uses a proximity sensor to turn off the screen when placed in your pocket
  • A memo which lets you show sticky notes right on your display
  • Particle animation
  • Keep screen on, or turn the screen off with a timer or while charging/discharging
  • Can be used as a night clock


Apart from Always on AMOLED app, there are lots of application in Google Play Store that you can try on your Android smartphone. 

But in our opinion, these Always on AMOLED app is only available that is free of any bugs and glitches.

I think that I have covered almost everything. if you’ve got any doubts or queries feel free to let me know in the comment section.

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