Facebook and Netflix have decided to cut data so that the network does not get jammed during the lockdown.

Social media giant Facebook and video service provider Netflix have announced a cut in their data in the wake of apprehensions of a network of telephone companies. They believe that people will stay in homes during the announced lockdown due to Corona virus and at that time they will use the Internet more.

Facebook said it would reduce the byte rate while cutting the quality of photos and videos. India is the largest market for Facebook and Instagram.

On the other hand, Netflix said in a statement that it will reduce the load of the Indian telecom network by 25 percent in the next 30 days.

He has done this in Europe as well. This will reduce the burden of internet provider companies, while the use of these websites and apps will not be interrupted.

Know what is Lockdown
  • It is a type of disaster system that is implemented officially during a disaster or epidemic. Under the Epidemic Diseases Act 1897, the Collector and the Chief Medical Officer have the right to impose it. Under IPC 269, 270, violators also have the right to arrest.
  • In such a situation one is allowed out to take essential things like medicine and grains. However, complete lockdown means that if you are in a place, you will have to stay there.
  • Non-essential activities will remain closed during this period. Essential services will be available
  • A curfew is an order or order for a specific time announced by the administration or government that is applied in special circumstances such as rioting, arson etc.
  • Citizens are appealed to stop subversive actions and maintain peace and order. It cannot be exited without permission. Only police and administration are allowed to live on the roads.

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