Enable Android Nearby Sharing on Google Chrome Dev or Canary

How to Enable Android Nearby Sharing on Google Chrome?

Well, it is a pain when you need to share your files between your smartphone and PC or laptop. But now using Google’s nearby sharing feature users can share files from their smartphone to their PC or laptop without installing any third-party software or application on their PC or Smartphone. Google is deliberately working on nearby sharing for Chrome and it is available for the chrome users right now.

Currently, this Nearby Sharing feature is available in the Canary and the Dev build versions of Google Chrome. And we are hoping that this feature will come to the regular version of Google Chrome very soon so that anyone can use this feature without installing the Dev or Canary build.

If you want to use it now, here is the step-by-step guide which tells you how you can enable this on your Google Chrome.

Steps to Enable Nearby Sharing on Google Chrome

  1. First, Download the Google Chrome Dev or Chrome Canary and Install it on your Windows PC or Laptop (You can install any one of them but the steps remain same for both the version)
  2. After that, Open the Google Chrome (Canary or Dev) browser
  3. Then navigate to the chrome://flags
  4. Here, Search “nearby” and a search will pop up called Nearby Sharing
    Enable Android Nearby Sharing on Google Chrome
    Android Nearby Sharing on Google Chrome
  5. After that, Enable this Nearby Sharing feature and then it will ask you to relaunch the Chrome browser 
  6. In case if it does not ask to relaunch the browser, then also you have to restart the browser after enabling the Nearby Sharing
  7. After relaunching the browser, navigate to chrome://nearby to enter into the nearby sharing user interface
    Enable Android Nearby Sharing on Google Chrome
    Android Nearby Sharing on Google Chrome

Wrapping up

Now you can Enable Nearby Sharing Feature on Google Chrome (Dev or Canary) and share files between your Smartphone and your Windows PC or Laptop. It would be great if this feature will be available for the regular version of Google Chrome so that more people can make use of it.

I think that I have covered almost everything. if you’ve got any doubts or queries feel free to let me know in the comment section.

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