Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Precautionary measures are being taken all over the world to fight the coronavirus. The virus, which started from China, is now spreading its foot in India too. On Thursday, the central government released WhatsApp chatbot. Learn how to use a chatbot that answers the questions of corona virus.

On Friday itself, the Ministry of Family and Welfare issued a WhatsApp number to give all information related to the coronavirus. All state and central governments are issuing different helpline numbers for all types of information related to COVID-19.

There are two national helpline numbers for information related to the coronavirus: + 91-11-23978046 and 1075 (toll free). Now the government has released a WhatsApp chatbot for Coronavirus.

Users can ask any question related to Coronavirus from this chatbot named MyGov Corona Helpdesk. The chatbot will provide automated responses in real-time. However, right now this chatbot is only supporting the English language.

The chatbot also has a link to find the latest updates related to Coronavirus. By clicking on this link, the states of Coronavirus infected states and other information can be obtained

MyGov Coronavirus helpdesk
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Let us know that many misleading and false news related to Coronavirus are viral on social media, especially on WhatsApp. This can prove to be of great use in curbing rumors about Corona on the official chatbot WhatsApp.

Learn how to use chatbot
  • Go to contact and save it on your mobile phone on 90-131-515-15
  • After that open WhatsApp and search the saved contacts to chat.
  • Now write your question and send message. For example- ‘What Are the symptoms of coronavirus’
  • Now you will get an automated response to your question.
  • Users can also go to the main menu section by sending and typing ‘Menu’.

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