CORONA_1000 Bonus to FB Employees
CORONA_1000 Bonus to FB Employees
CORONA:Facebook is set to give bonuses to all its employees. Not only this, the company will give a six-month rating to all its employees, so that the bonus will increase further.

The corona virus continues to wreak havoc worldwide. In view of this, the social network Facebook has announced a bonus for all its employees.

According to a report by The Information, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced that the company will give a bonus of $ 1000 (about 74 thousand rupees) to all its employees for the presence of Corona virus.

It is worth noting that Facebook has about 45 thousand employees and this 1000 dollar bonus will be given to all in April. Not only this, the company will also give Exeeds rating to all its 45 thousand employees during the six-month review.

According to The Information report, all the employees get Exeeds rating, which means that Facebook’s employees can get bigger bonuses for fighting Corona in the coming time.

Since the outbreak of the corona virus (COVID-19), the company has also started paying money to workers who are unable to work and who have to stay home due to corona virus. The company has asked employees from Seattle and Bay Area to work from home.

According to CNN Business, the $ 1000 bonus is only for Facebook’s full-time implants, while Facebook contractors will not benefit from it.

Facebook has said in one of its blogposts that the company is releasing $ 100 million (Rs 7.42 billion) in cash for small businesses. Apart from this, Facebook will also give credit to these companies.

Facebook has said in a blogpost, ‘We know your business will be affected by the global outbreak of COVID-19. We have heard that small financial support can go far, so we are providing 100 million cash and add credits’

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